The blog contains technical notes on the 3D Pipeline, mostly about rigging. It also contains musings about film appreciation and analysis, of which the SEO police is not too happy about. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and so I would really appreciate if you have any suggestion on how to improve my overall workflow. 


Have a great day ahead!


There seems to be an unspoken rule that all cartoon rigs should scale its individual parts independently. This certainly helps in animating for exaggeration. For the rigger, this feature should not be taken lightly as it causes a slew of problems. While your patience m...

Like all other parts of the pipeline, rigging heavily depends on the quality of the model. While this is not a problem on clients with a dedicated staff, it is definitely a bottleneck to the lesser specialized clients. As such, this is the first factor I consider when...

This is where I document on solving trivial matters I encounter when rigging in Maya. They seem inconsequential but the solution presented will surely save an hour or two from searching several forum threads. 

1) Moving parent without moving child:

Supposing you alr...

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