Rigid Body

  • https://madmograph.com/page/2/ (Medical Animation)

  • Sample node to sample the sound effector

  • nd you can also cache MoGraph stuff (except MoSpline and PolyFX) with the MoGraph Cache tag

  • Mograph Effectors as Deformers.

  • That blend feature in the cloner.

  • Ha! Finally a useful nugget for the Fracture. Disconnect the faces. And instead of using the split command every time. Just add in the Fracture and in explode and make it editable.

  • http://lab.shawnwangvfx.com/post/134714683125/xpresso-ground-stones-dynamics

  • fake subsurface effect from tim claphan

  • back lighting fake. subsurface

  • flickering lights on the mograph shade