• Use enumerate instead of an attribute wrangle. with obj id ptnum

  • if you connect two mantra node. it will render the first node and then the other.

  • Color pick: middle click on the color box and drag

  • Crash path: C:/Users/BT/AppData/Local/Temp/houdini_temp/

  • houdini is Z+ facing direction

  • highfield layer is like compositing for mixing heighfield


  • Primitives and attributes are the two primary namespaces and objects in USD

  • Primitives are the primary container object in USD


  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt. Creates a reference node

  • Shift + F1. to remove the viewport guide

  • Alt + Shift + C. Gives you a copy of the window

  • Space + G. Center the selected geometry

  • Space + Z to set thumble pivot to the geometry under cursor.

  • Shift + G or Shift + S. Grow and shrink a selection.

  • Shift + P. Select Pattern. If Valid Pattern appears on the upper left side. Hit shift + left or right or up or down arrow.

  • Alt + E. Enlarges the vex expression parameter tab

  • N. Wheel menu to switch on different context.