• Initially made for retargeting animation. Later, expanded to feature other rigging toolset.

  • Introduced in 18.5.

  • For me one of the most exciting things is the core ability to treat curves as joint chains.

  • Where kinefx is concerned, forget what you know about vops. Paralellism, magic of all-things-at-once, stop it. The default mode of rig vops is closer to maya rigging with the network editor, or hypershade if you’re old like me… remember hypershade?

  • Press + B to temporarily disable the XYZ

  • reparent joints vs add sop

  • rig doctor vs reorient joints with name

  • visualize rig node

  • rig doctor

  • Play with the weights tab on the capture proximity to boost the number of influences, smooth out the reuslts

  • If you want to refine the weights, use a capturelayerpaint.I

  • Captureproximity sop is what you want. Geo to the left, rig to the right, feed that and your animated skeleton to a bone deform

    1. features

  • SOPS based

  • dense data processing

  • state machine inspired

  • first of many updates

  • use delete joint instead of the blast node

  • Press S to marquee select joints

  • need to manually select show handle first.

  • Press P to show joint bone parameters

  • Rig Attribute VOP, by default, only accepts the skeleton input. If you plug a geometry, it will error out.
    • If you do need a geometry as an input (like when using the Collide Geometry) , disable to compute transform of the node.

  • Adding skinning to an existing skin.




  • Difference between Joint Deform and Bone Deform?

Subsequent Retargeting (Clean-Up)

For the most part, probably the most time you will spend is this one.

Clean Up

Animation retarget with a separate rest pose

  • Rig Stash Nodoe